Sunday, June 3, 2007

Part 3: Reflection on Blog Postings

What are some important new ideas raised by your classmates that helped you better
understand significant ideas from the novel? How did writing blog postings help
or not in this process?

My classmates helped me to agree with my own beliefs, while others caused me to rethink them. Although I was able to understand and accept the opinions and input of others, I can't say that anyone caused me to change my own opinions and thoughts.
Classmates and outsiders that caused me to rethink my beliefs questioned my views on our government connecting to 1984. This rethinking occured specifically while discussing phone tapping and the US. The ideas of others helped not only to back up my own beliefs, but also to understand how our world today could possibly connect to Oceania.
Writing blog postings helped me in this process because, while reading the responses of others, I felt more energized and flowing with ideas for my next posting.

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