Sunday, June 3, 2007

Part 2: Threats to Freedom

What have you learned about the threats to individual freedoms we face today?
Can you see parallels to our world and government today?

I've had to address the threats to individual freedoms we face today several times throughout this unit.
I've learned that some US citizens see our government's methods of protecting us as invasion of individual freedoms. As I have mentioned in other posts, I do not agree that actions such as phone tapping pose as threats to our individual freedoms, although I understand how other US citizens could construe this action as such. Our government taps into various conversations between its citizens and other nations. This action is taken in order to apprehend terrorists and gain information about future attacks. This action can be connected to "telescreens"; much like "telescreens", phone tapping allows the government to hear your conversations.
Orwell's warnings may be very valid, in a government that has no concern for its citizens and no restrictions that prevent the country from turning into an Oceania. I, unlike others, do not see any strong threats to my individual freedoms today, therefore, I find it virtually impossible to connect 1984 to our world today.

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Miller said...

Bekah: You say "Orwell's warnings may be very valid, in a government that has no concern for its citizens..." INGSOC has concern for its citizens. They provide them with rations like chocolate and gin during times of war when supplies of things are limited. They keep them safe from all external enemies, especially that traitor Goldstein, and they protect the citizens in war against the other countries threatening Oceania's very way of life.


Maybe it all comes down to who or what people want to believe. I would imagine that if Winston had a conversation with a neighbor, they might try to convince him that the government is only acting in its citizens' best interests.