Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What does it mean to blog responsibly?

When blogging online, there are many risks to consider:
-offending others with personal views
-being offended by others' comments
-sharing too much personal information which can lead to

Those first too concerns are the more legitamite of the 2. Although abduction is rare, it's possible. If you show pretty pictures of yourself and share your exact location with others...well then you're just dumb. When blogging, students aren't looking to be abducted, but it happens. In order to prevent extreme circumstances, keep blogs uninformative as far as personal information goes. Students should remember that ANYONE can see what they've written so they should choose their words carefully.
What rules do I think they should follow?
1. Never include any personal information about yourself (first names only, and no pictures)
2. Keep your information only about your school work
3. Write something somewhere on your blog indicating that it's for a class. (I haven't followed my own advice yet)

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